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In the past and even today, REALTORS & AUCTIONEERS have at times been at odds when it comes to Real Estate Auctions. Realty LLC is an Auction Partner Broker. We work with and assist other Real Estate Professionals by providing our Auction Services to your Selling Clients.


We are licensed Real Estate associates, partners on a Real Estate Team. We are all members of the Greater Tulsa Area Realtor's Board, Oklahoma Realtors Association and the National Association of Realtors. We are Auctioneers of Real Estate, using Auctions as a "Method to Market" real property. We only sell Real Estate at Auction, no conventional listings. We make our livings selling many things at auction, and only at auctions; including Real Estate as one facet of our business.


We believe that REALTORS & AUCTIONEERS can work together for the benefit of our Buying & Selling clientele. Therefore, we offer both a referral commission to Real Estate agents either bringing a Buyer to our auctions, or referring a Seller to our service.



In Real Estate Auctions, it is imperative we treat all Buyers exactly the same and keep them all on a level playing field. Therefore, all Buyers bid at our Open Public Auctions knowing that they will sign an OREC Uniform Contract, with our auction addendum page added to specify the terms of the auction. Since contracts must be fair and equal for all Buyers, they cannot be changed after the bidding is over; and therefore no contract work is necessary from a referring associate.


Real Estate Associates can earn a 1% commission for referring a Buyer to the auctions, with one email. Simply fill out the form below or on the Home page of this web site, 24 hours before the auction.


That's it. You don't have to do anything else if you don't desire. Your Buying client can attend the Open Houses and the Auctions without you; and you are assured of receiving a 1% commission if they are the successful bidder.


You must fill out the form and register your Buyer on the form below, 24 hours in advance of the auction.


If you want to assist them further, with comparison prices, information about the neighborhood, financing options, inspection referrals and more, please feel free to do so; however it's not required by the auction company.


So when one of your clients calls you and they are interested in one of our Auctions, do yourself a favor and register them. They may attend regardless of your input, and you don't want to miss out on the opportunity.



Sellers want to sell at auction for the same reasons that they want to sell with you conventionally, with one specific consideration - Time.


Time is the one facet to marketing that only an auction can provide. When we say we are going to sell the property, we set the date.


Have you had a client that wants to sell now, needs to sell now? Maybe it's an Estate, Divorce, Moving, maybe they already have moved, Bought a bigger house, Close to foreclosure, all the same reasons that you sell houses, only these clients need to do it now. We market our Real Estate Auctions in 5 to 4 week programs, conduct the auction, and Buyers are required to close in 30 days. Properties are sold "As Is", with no contingencies, Seller retains the right to accept or reject the high bid.


You can help your Sellers with Time considerations, and make a referral commission with one single, simple phone call. We want to be your partner. First, give us a call to discuss our Seller referral programs and commissions with you.


That's correct, one simple phone call. Just call us at 918-639-7653 and give your permission for us to talk to your client. We can explain the auction process to them and give them a free consultation on what to expect from an auction. If they decide that an auction works for their situation, then we set a date and sell it. You get a referral commission at closing for a single, simple phone call, that's it.


If your client decides that an auction is not for them, then you still have their listing, and retain them as your client with the opportunity to sell for them.


We believe and I am compelled personally to stay true to my belief.


I believe that the Auction method of marketing is the "best method of marketing", therefore I only conduct auctions.


Estates, Personal Property, Moving Sales

Imagine selling everything in a house, for market price, within 4 hours. When I say everything, I mean everything down to the cleaning supplies under the sink. Only an auction can sell everything in a house in that time. Only an auction can obtain true market value for everything in the house.


In an auction, we do all the work. No work for you, No work for the Seller. Simple, Easy, Turn-key. Give us an opportunity to talk to your Clients and explain the benefits of a personal property or Estate auction. Call 918-639-7653 for FREE Consultation.



2 minutes, Makes you Money!

Tell a Buyer about our Auctions.

Quick & Easy Register, & Relax

Real Estate Agent's Buyer Referral Form

Licensed Real Estate professionals will receive a referral commission of 1% when they pre-register their Buyers, and those Buyers close on one of our Real Estate Auction Homes. That's all you have to do. This form assures your referral commission. The following form must be submitted 24 hours in advance of the auction.

This form is for Real Estate Licensees only.


Buyers register to purchase property at AUCTIONS, on site.


If you have questions, Please feel free to call Jay at 918/639-7653.

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